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Extend Tire Life!!!

Extend Tire Life!!!

CAR CARE TIPS  When to Schedule Tire Rotation & Balancing  Customers often are perplexed about the "standard" time-frame or mile-mark that indicates the need for tire rotation or balancing. We wanted to cover this to help inform customers who may be in the dark. The simple answer is, there is no "standard". The interval for tire rotation could come from a recommendation from either the tire manufacturer or the auto manufacturer. The interval is typically around 5,000 miles but could range from 3,000 to 8,000 miles. The background question for many of our patrons is why do tires news to be rotated in the first place? Front tires wear differently than the rear tires because steering wears the shoulders faster up front. Rotating the position of the tires allows for more even wear among all the tires. The suspension set-up on certain vehicles may also affect the relative wear between the front and rear. There are several rotation patterns &mdas ... read more

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